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Land’s End to

John O’Groats 2022

Wednesday 27th July, Land’s End -

Monday 10th October, John O’Groats


Miles: 1050

Days: 65 walking (plus 10 rest days)

In aid of four charities:

(1) Awards for Young Musicians

(2) Bingham and District Choral Society

(3) Framework

(4) Southwell Minster (Eco Projects)


People who have been following my blog will

know that, due to injury, I have had to curtail

my walk. I completed Land’s End to Ellesmere,

which was 470 miles in 28 walking days.

There was nothing I could do about the injury

to my foot – I simply had to stop.

All very frustrating of course.

As promised, I have donated the

money I would have spent on

accommodation to the charities,

and now the insurance money has

come through I have donated

that too. I will leave the website

open so people who followed the

blog can receive the updates. But

the giving pages are now closed.

Should you wish to donate more to

and of the charities, please visit the

individual websites.

thanks you for your interest and



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Final total donations

(including Gift Aid, and donations made directly to the charities rather than through this site)



Final total £5565.00

(including Gift Aid, and donations made directly to the charities)



Final Total £3162.04

(including Gift Aid, and donations made directly to the charities)

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Final Totals £6847.00

(including Gift Aid, and donations made directly to the charities)

Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 11.21.57.png


Final total £3186.88

(including Giftaid and money donated directly to the charities)


Donations from this site are now closed, but see below to donate directly to the charities

Awards for Young Musicians (AYM)

Musical talent is everywhere but opportunity isn't. AYM is here to change this.

AYM supports talented young people from low-income families, helping them to overcome financial and social obstacles. From funding instruments to lessons, to transport, whilst expanding their musical networks and giving them opportunities to perform, we do anything and everything we can to give holistic, tailor-made support to young people in need. Guy’s daughter Hannah is Awards Programme and Operations Manager for AYM.

Bingham and District Choral Society (BDCS)

BDCS is a non-audition SATB choral society of about 90 voices, performing four concert a year. Guy has been the choir’s conductor since 2015.


Framework is a charity providing housing, health, employment advice, support and care services to people with a diverse range of needs across Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, North and North East Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Sheffield – more than 16,000 each year. Working to end homelessness and tackle disadvantage we aim to empower people to build better, more independent futures: during our first two decades we helped around 200,000 people change their lives and overcome homelessness, addiction, mental ill-health and unemployment. In common with thousands of other people, Guy has  supported Framework for many years.

Southwell Minster Grounds Eco Project

For the last fourteen years Guy has sung as a Lay Clerk in the Cathedral Choir at Southwell. The Minster is an accredited eco-Cathedral, and is working in partnership with the environmental charity A Rocha. Money raised by sponsorship will all go towards projects concerned with ecological projects in the Minster’s various grounds – including the gardens of the Archbishops’ Palace and Sacrista Prebend Retreat House, Potwell Dyke Grasslands and Higgons Mead, as well as the Minster grounds themselves.

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